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Navkriti abacus n vedic maths Institution established by association of professionals who are from various of streams and were involved in different educational and holistic development activities in their belongings to respective fields. All are Well-versed individuals decided to join together and provide their skilful knowledge to the society. Navkriti abacus n vedic maths believes by imparting education, the traditional way. As part of specialised training programme for the elementary school teachers to familiarised active learning methodology. Students of K to 12....such practice had virtually eliminated the chalk and board method of teaching to bring teachers and students closer.

Our Story
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Our training helps in making a perfect act of learning in equilibrium between right & left brain. Our mission is to help children grow their brains learning potential to better prepare them to excel in future academics &life creating a better future by creating a better generation which helps creating more talents for our country.


Our long term vision is based on high standards & aspirations we aim to nurture a creative thinking of every individual child who do not only simply follow rather lead in the society. We have planned to shape up the creativity of brain & formed education together so as to bring strong hold in the academics & competitive exams. We envision that SD brain development courses to reach out to children in every corner of world.